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How to Survey a Jillion Craft Bloggers

1. Make a survey. Google Docs = boss.

Screenshot of Google Docs survey

2. Build a website. This post will come in handy.

Screenshot of CPanel for Greengeeks (host)

3. Get your awesome little brother to design a logo for you.

Screenshot of logo saying CRAFTBOOK

4. Start blogging. Learn how to take pictures.

5. E-mail all your online friends.

screenshot of The Craft Book Project contest link on One Pretty Thing

6. Learn how to use Twitter.

7. Email a few more folks. (Those numbers are blog posts in Google Reader, not individual bloggers…I didn’t email 845 bloggers.)

screenshot of to be contacted list in Google Reader, showing 845 bloggers contacted

8. Find out how awesome craft bloggers are.

screenshot of someone retweeting the Craft Book Project announcement for a giveaway

9. Get mucho responses. Thumbs up, everybody!

screenshot of Google Docs summary of Craft Book Project survey with arrow pointing to 485 results!

2 thoughts on “How to Survey a Jillion Craft Bloggers

  1. You make this look easy (I don’t think itis!)

    1. You’re too sweet! Note there is no time to finish project…

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