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Xmas in July

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately…I mean, a LOT of blogs lately. And it seems there’s a trend in posts this week: Christmas in July. Seeing everyone kick off their holiday crafting inspired me.

It’s really nice to have a focus for crafting; it gives me something to search for on the ol’ blogs. There’s this list from last year (scroll to the bottom)–I can literally spend hours surfing the links there alone. There’s this amazing Xmas e-zine. One Pretty Thing has a jillion round-ups with Xmas gifts, crafts, and decor. I really want to make giant Jenga for someone from here. I’m almost overwhelmed.

I kicked into the ornament making into high gear this weekend. Well, relatively speaking. It was the weekend, after all. I made 2.5 ornaments, for yet-to-be-determined recipients:

two pink knitted balls decorated with white yarn cross-stitched snowflakes, and one deflated green yarn ball

And I’m not burnt out, a rarity after a weekend of crafting. I think the key was small bites and variety; it took me 2+ hours to knit up the balls, and another 1/2 hour-45 minutes to stuff and decorate them. Those are three very different tasks–knitting, stuffing, embellishing. They have varying levels of difficulty: knitting = doable without looking, sewing = tricky for me. It made for a very satisfying activity.

So, I’m going to seek out similar small-ish interesting projects to make for people this Xmas. What kinds of crafts do you like to make?

Oh, and only 6 more days left to win a Michaels gift card! Thanks to the 200 awesome folks who have already taken the survey!

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