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The Writer’s Process Planner (2021) – On sale now!

My planner for writers, The Writer’s Process Planner, is out for this year. The 2021 version is a printable PDF only, and you can buy it right here! There are two versions, with and without graphics.

Check it out–I’m really pleased with how it came out.

The Writer’s Process Planner is a bujo (bullet journal) -style planner, with all of the monthly and weekly spreads drawn for you. You’ll love the handwritten style, and save so much time not copying those boxes over and over again…

This year’s intro is made for 2021. Who knows what this year will bring? Read it and brainstorm ways to make your writing practice grounded, centered, and in line with your values–no matter what happens.

Want a peek inside? Take a look at the video:

Ready to buy? The planner is on sale through the end of November–just $15!

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