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Are you (or your client) a small creative business looking for someone who knows the industry to write website copy, an ebook, or an opt-in freebie? Let’s chat. I have worked with companies large and small to create copy that is clear, professional, and inviting. I’m especially proud of my chameleon voice and professional work ethic, and I particularly enjoy working with solopreneurs, crafters, and makers. Email me to start a conversation.

Suck It Up and Revise 

Suck It Up and Revise|What do you do when your draft is done...but it doesn't feel done? Here is a guide to next steps, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, short pieces or manuscripts. Click through to get your copy!

*This draft is terrible!* *This draft is perfect!* *What do I do now???* Sound familiar? Download this free guide to the ups and downs of revising. Dust off your draft and make it beautiful! With fourteen chapters and exercises that will get you revising now (and tell you what to do next), Suck It Up and Revise is a fun, easy-to-read, helpful guide to the ups and downs of revision. Click here to get a copy today. Read more here.

DIY Writing Retreat: A Guide to Getting Away

DIY Writing Retreat: A guide to getting away

Can’t sneak away for a week/don’t have the cash to spend on a “real” writing retreat? Great news: you can still get away and write! This guide to a weekend retreat includes a down-to-the-minute schedule, writing prompts, how-to’s and even recipes, so you don’t have to think about anything besides your writing. More.

DIY Chick Lit: A Writing Guide

Have you always wanted to write one of those delightfully pink books? DIY Chick Lit guides you through writing a full-length novel in 30 minutes a day. More.


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