DIY Writing Retreat: HOME EDITION


A companion guide to the original DIY Writing Retreat–with revamped schedules and guidance to help you get away when you can’t…get away.


The pandemic has given us new challenges and my original Retreat guide needed a few tweaks to be relevant…enter DIY Writing Retreat: HOME Edition.

This guide is a companion to the original DIY Writing Retreat. In this guide, you will find a framework for writing that will help you feel satisfied regardless of how much writing you actually get done. Each of the retreat schedules (full and half-day) are self-contained and require no prep—no shopping, packing, or even thinking about writing ahead of time. You probably have everything you need right now to go on a retreat in your own home.

There are rituals to help make your writing time feel special, including ones you can do if you are sharing space with other people while you write. There are pep talks and guidance throughout to help you keep perspective on your own writing and writing goals. There are also pandemic-friendly prompts to get you started writing, especially if you haven’t before.

This guide does not include recipes, packing lists, or activities to do in your free time on the retreat. There is also only a short part on goal-setting and what to write—if you are looking for guidance on picking a goal (based on where you are in your writing career or journey), head to my original Retreat.

This guide will help you write now. We need tools to tackle ennui, depression, too many people at home all the time, and that spiraling “What am I supposed to do?” feeling.

Think of it as a pricey writing retreat, minus the pricey-ness. And minus the awkward introductions. It’s freedom in a handy, printable guide.

Thanks to the original DIY Writing Retreat, folks all over the world have gone on mini-vacations with their projects and done great things. They’ve finished drafts. They’ve started new projects. They’ve written…12,000 words (shout out to Timi!). Here’s what other readers have said about the original DIY Writing Retreat:

This book is so helpful and practical. I’ve used it twice now, and each time something different has stood out. Highly recommend for busy writers who need a nudge to get away without guilt!

Good, easy to follow tips. Something you can use at home, a lavish location, or anywhere in between. Simple enough that I’m thinking of simply setting up a retreat at home. I didn’t think I could do it until reading this book

I feel so empowered by the possibilities of a DIY Writing Retreat after going through this! Alicia is very clear and positive, and this is so simple you may think you don’t need the book, but I think it will make all the difference to follow her lead and make that DIY Writing Retreat as productive as it possibly can be.

When I was younger, I used to write all the time. Now, I need to get back into it again for a variety of reasons. Alicia has come to my rescue with her DIY Writing Retreat! I can do it at my pace but with her guidance.


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