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Scratch Paper Podcast, Ep. 32: 5 Steps to Start Revising + Free Ebook!

*This draft is terrible**This draft is perfect!* Sound familiar? Listen in for five steps to get started revising that terrible/perfect draft. I share how I managed to revise my 120-page thesis in two weeks, plus my favorite way to tie a big project together (with highlighters! And lists!).

Also! Scroll down for a free ebook–newsletter readers, it’s coming your way.


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Your turn: How do you revise? Share in the comments below or use #scratchpaperpodcast on Twitter or Instagram. Tag me! I’m @likesoatmeal and I love (love love) getting to know listeners.

Suck It Up and Revise|What do you do when your draft is done...but it doesn't feel done? Here is a guide to next steps, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, short pieces or manuscripts. Click through to get your copy!

And now here’s a free ebook! I wrote Suck It Up and Revise a while back and  *just* got around to polishing it up and putting it online. It’s fourteen chapters plus exercises to get you revising right this minute (after you take a break, of course). If you like down-to-earth advice (like this podcast) and practical  tips for getting through the often opaque writing process, you’ll love this book. Read more about it here.

Instead of publishing Suck It Up and Revise on Amazon, I decided to give it away as a free PDF for newsletter subscribers. If you’re already on the list, great!  Thank you so much for supporting me–the book is on its way. If not, you can sign up right here, and I’ll send the book to your inbox.

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And again–thank you! My newsletter list is a key part of my success as a writer and podcaster. Your support means a lot to me!

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