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Scratch Paper Podcast, Episode 24: IG for Writers

I really like Instagram.

I joined about a year ago, but only began to use the platform seriously two months back. I tried doing “challenges” and made myself post every day for a month. And…it was fun! I made new internet friends (something I could never quite do on Twitter) and came up with content that I felt good about posting.

Listen in to the latest episode of Scratch Paper Podcast to hear what I did and what you can do to get started as a writer on Instagram. (In a nutshell: put your writerly self forward!)

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And here are the show notes…

Writing update: Still working on my new novel, Wait. Unfortunately, my first novel, Finding Lucy, is no longer on submission.

Reading update: Really into memoirs right now: Hunger by Roxane Gay and Queen of Dreams by Heather Valencia and Rolly Kent. I’m also doing Seattle Public Libraries Summer Book Bingo–it’s really fun!


Everything I mention you can find in my Instagram feed (if you’re on IG, I’m @likesoatmeal–come find me and I’ll follow you! I love getting to know listeners.)

Here are two people I like following on IG: @thelizdiaries and @rustytruckphotography. They are both super friendly!

The challenges I participated in first were #igwritersmay and a bit of #writelifemay. But there are new challenges all the time: #readwritejune, #igreadersjuly… Look for a post that has a list of short prompts for each day, and jump in! Make sure you tag your picture with the challenge hashtag, and look around and like other photos that are also part of the challenge.

I follow a few writers who I want to be like: @normalchey, for example, is a full-time hybrid (traditional and self-published) author. I found her through one of the challenges.

What social media do you use? Do you like it? Do you use Instagram for business, or more for fun? I’d love to hear–share in the comments below, or share your thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #scratchpaperpodcast!


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