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Episode 22: Two mini-lessons about character (and #Girlboss)

We’re back!

Episode 22 of Scratch Paper is live!

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Writing update: Working on a new novel tentatively called “Wait,” while my other novel, “Finding Lucy,” is still out on submission. “Wait” is about a psychic named Lia helping an evangelical Christian family whose foster daughter has stopped talking. “Finding Lucy” is about a missing woman, and it’s told from the perspective of her, her mother, and her sister.

Reading update: Me before You by Jojo Moyes. Highly recommend; read it in <24 hours.


I’ve been watching #Girlboss and I LOVE IT. It is “loosely based” on the life of Sophia Amuroso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of the book #Girlboss. Kay Cannon wrote the show (and also Pitch Perfect).

Here’s a question: Do we (the readers, the audience) have to understand why a character is unlikable? Or, do all characters have to be understandable?

Are there any characters out there (Dr. House?) who are unlikable, but for no reason?

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! Please comment below or tell me on Twitter or Instagram.

Also, if you try out any of these exercises, tag them on Twitter/Instagram with #scratchpaperpodcast! I would *love* to see how they work for you!

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