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Episode 23: Four ways to use tarot to write fiction

Hello, listeners!

In this episode, I share how I use tarot to write fiction, specifically my current novel-in-progress. It is a fun way to write, and a great way to break through writers’ block. You can use tarot cards to plan a story or novel, to choose what happens next, or to get inspiration for details. Listen in to hear how you can use tarot cards in your writing–I even share some simple “spreads” (ways to pick cards) for your writing.

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4 ways to use tarot to write fiction #scratchpaperpodcast

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Writing update: I got to spend a whole day writing! I followed the basic plan from DIY Writing Retreat (Kindle version on Amazon, PDF on Etsy). I’m working on “Wait,” about a psychic named Lia who is trying to help an evangelical family whose foster daughter has stopped talking.

Reading update: I read The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, and now I want to play the ukulele. She has a TED Talk on the same topic.

I also enjoyed Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein.

Highly recommend Fortune’s Rocks by Anita Shreve.


  • Tarot decks have two types of cards, the Major Arcana and four suits of cards.
  • The Major Arcana are like “the hero’s journey,” an archetypal narrative that you can use to understand literature and create stories.
  • There are many different kinds of tarot decks, but I use the Tarot of the Old Path.
  • Each tarot card has a lot of symbols. Check out the cards for the Rider-Waite deck, which is a deck a lot of people use.
  • Don’t have a tarot deck? Use an online one! Here’s one. There are also apps for tarot reading! And there’s always Wikipedia–this page has a picture of every card! Handy!
  • @amysnotdeadyet uses tarot to make sketches and paintings

Have you ever used tarot to write? How do you use it? If you try this, tag me on Twitter or Instagram! Be sure to use the tag #scratchpaperpodcast so I can find you!

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