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Epsiode 11: What to major in (if you want to be a writer)

This one’s for all my college-aged and college-bound lady friends (you know who you are!).

If you think you might want to be a writer, there are a dozen (million) different paths you can take to get there. That’s exciting, but when you’re trying to make concrete decisions about your life, it’s also a little (a lot) nerve-wracking. For example: let’s say you’re going to college, you’re in college, or you’re considering going back to school. What should you major in?

Here’s a fun fact: I majored in math. I liked it and I still do, and I honestly think it helped my writing. I share why in this episode.

I also reveal my totally secret, totally complete fear of failing in a writing workshop in college. If you have ever bitten your nails about submitting your work, signing up for a class, or calling yourself a writer, you will probably enjoy me remembering how mortified I was when I didn’t get into my first writing workshop.

Also! How silly that was. But also how real.

Ok! Listen in below.


Writing update:

  • WHAT DO YOU KNOW I’m still revising Finding Lucy.

Reading update:

  • I’m trying another book by Geraldine Brooks, Foreign Correspondence. Please send help and/or commiseration if you can’t read anything intense/sad/child-related.


What did/do you major in? Do you think it has helped you become a writer? Please share in the comments!

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