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What is The Writer’s Process Planner? (& 3 reasons you need it)

What is The Writer’s Process Planner? It’s a few things:

  • A bullet-journal-style planner, with all of the weekly and monthly spreads drawn for you, plus annual trackers to chart your writing days, your mood, and writing-related accomplishments (like pitches to magazines). All you have to do is fill in your tasks and to-do’s, or jot down what you have already done.
  • A day planner for writers, with writing-specific ideas for how to be more productive and happier while writing.
  • A daily affirmation that you are a writer.
  • A cheerleader and a guide to help you figure out what to do next and even how to do it.

Here are three reasons to grab yours today:

  1. Are you doing Nanowrimo? If you grab a hard copy now, it will arrive in about a week…right when you need a reminder about why you though writing a novel in a month was a good idea. (Of course, if you buy the printable, you will get it right away.)
  2. Cross a writer off your Christmas list! It is so hard to shop for writers, because all we need is paper (and maybe that perfect pen). Enter The Writer’s Process Planner. It’s portable, pretty, and affordable. Also, it goes great with that perfect pen.
  3. You deserve it! Writing is hard work, and there are very few things that affirm our writer-hood. You can’t buy a badge or wear a sticker that magically makes you feel like a writer. But you can get a planner that is made just for writers like you–writers who work day jobs, writers who take care of families, writers who write when they are able (and always need more time). Using The Writer’s Process Planner is a daily affirmation that yes, you deserve to be doing this.

Ready to grab a copy? Click the buttons below!

Still on the fence? Check out this video preview. It includes the weekly and monthly spreads, all the trackers, and my awesome flannel shirt.

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The Writer’s Process Planner – Printable PDF on sale now!

Psst…The Writer’s Process Planner (2020) PDF is on sale now–and it’s 15% off through Nov. 1! Grab your copy today!

Juggle multiple projects, track your progress, and reach your goals with The Writer’s Process Planner–a planner *just* for writers. This year’s edition includes a brand-new introduction to help shift your mindset from “meh” to mega-productive. Made by a writer who loves spreadsheets for writers who love progress.

I’ve specially formatted the PDF’s weekly and monthly spreads for easy reading and writing, and the annual trackers are just a bit bigger than the paperback & hardcover versions.

This PDF is very handy–you can print out the entire thing, or pin each week or month to your bulletin board. Keep your goal-setting pages and trackers in view, and the rest in a notebook. Need to review and reset your goals? Print out the worksheet as many times as you like!


8 1/2″ by 11″
For personal use only.

Sale ends 11/1!

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The Writer’s Process Planner (video preview!)

Yay–The Writer’s Process Planner (2020) is on sale now! Paperback and hardcover versions are on right now–and available at a special pre-distribution price (15% off!). The discount ends Nov. 1, so grab your copy now!

Want to learn more? Here’s a full video preview of weekly and monthly spreads, writing-specific trackers, and other fun writing-related resources to be found in this year’s planner. I think you’ll really love using it–I had a blast making it.

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Welcome, Marginally listeners!

Chances are, you found me via the wonderful women at Marginally podcast. I am so glad you stopped by! My name is Alicia and I am an indie writer in Maine, where I live with my family. I love flowcharts, DIY, murder mysteries, and Indiana Jones.

A photo of me in the Smith Tower, wearing a blue scarf.
Here I am in the Smith Tower in Seattle. PC: Monica de los Reyes.

Right now, I’m getting ready to launch The Writer’s Process Planner. It’s a planner just for writers, complete with weekly and monthly spreads to help you reach your writing goals, trackers to help you notice your progress, and a guide to help you shift your mindset–so you can find joy in your regular writing practice.

Want to learn more? Click here to read about last year’s edition, and sign up here to find out when the 2020 edition drops (and get a free goal-setting guide).

The Writer’s Process Planner will be on sale on Amazon, B&N, and others!

It’s coming!

Curious about my other projects? I’ve also written the DIY Writing series – DIY Writing Retreat and DIY Chick Lit

And I’ve done a few other things…

Scratch Paper Podcast – A true behind-the-scenes look at writing along with nitty gritty details about how to submit work, where to submit fiction, how to pitch nonfiction, how I write with tarot cards, the many things I have done to market my work, and more!

My nonfiction and fiction has been published by a variety of publications. I’m represented by Sharon Pelletier of Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.

Right now, I’m working on a novel. So far, all I’ve got is “Indiana Jones with emotional depth.”

Want to find out more about any/all of these things? Sign up for my monthly newsletter! It’s a real-life look at what creative living looks like. Plus discounts! Goes out the first of each month. No fluff!