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Introducing Scratch Paper: A writing-related podcast


My, it’s been a long time. I’m still *far* too busy with a tiny human to actually post anything on here. But I’ve been itching to make a podcast, and so…I did.


Spoiler alert: it’s about writing. And it’s called Scratch Paper.

I’ll be posting new episodes (roughly) weekly–each one includes a reading and writing update from me (to keep my honest and accountable), plus a lesson in writing or a writing pep talk. I’ve actually recorded…a bunch of these episodes, and I have just now gotten the time and brainspace to share them.

I want these lessons to be helpful to aspiring and beginning writers, and to writers who are trying to get published traditionally. I started the podcast because I found myself missing the actual teaching of writing, which I did back in grad school at UNH and then through my ebooks. I won’t have any ads or anything like that in my podcast–I just want to reach out to my fellow writers and create a little corner of the internet where we can all hang out and help each other. I want it to be an uplifting, non-competitive, happy writing space.

Sound like fun? Listen below or in iTunes–just search “Scratch Paper.”

And I would love to hear your feedback/comments/questions! You can comment on this very blog post, on the particular episode’s blog post, and hit me up on Twitter.


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