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I guess I’m a blogger now…

Happy DST, everyone! I personally love this season. In Seattle, it’ll stay dark out past 9:30 in the summer time. Last night, I took a walk with Andrew and we stayed out until 7 pm. 7 pm! What a miracle.

Apologies for the radio silence–I was hard at work launching an exciting blog at Patheos! Patheos is a multi-faith religious network. I’m on Patheos Progressive Christian writing about Christians doing strange/interesting things at Surprising Faith.

You can read my latest post about my pastor who is suing the city of Seattle here. Here’s a snippet:

Three years ago, on Dec. 12, 2011, John attended a protest in support of Seattle port workers. As he was leaving, he was beaten, led to a van, and taken to prison. After filing a complaint against the police department which yielded no results–no investigation, no apology–John filed a lawsuit against Seattle, saying that he was unjustly imprisoned.

You heard it here first.

I’ll be posting over there 1-2 times a week and look forward to hunting down more interesting Christians. This is becoming a habit.

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