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Last summer I set out to take a survey. A lot of you took that survey, and I am SO GRATEFUL to you all. Thank you! I also started this blog, started tweeting, and started reading about crafters. Make that continued reading about crafters; I have been addicted to craft blogs since the beginning of craft blog time.

At the end of the summer, I had found out many things. I put a lot of them in this post. I had been planning to write a book about the craft blogosphere. I’m in an MFA program for nonfiction; I thought I would make this my thesis.

As it happened, I got sidetracked late this past fall by a local church that started renting a local landmark. I interviewed the pastor and ended up spending three months writing about it. Those three months have turned into a year of serious research into this particular church.

Long story short, I’m not writing a nonfiction book about crafters, at least not right now. There are a slew of awesome crafter-observer blogs (for example, Craftypod) that are writing that book in their posts. However, I wanted to write something about crafters–because you guys are awesome, and because I love writing about crafts.

Luckily, I ran into a fellow crafter and we decided to collaborate. It is with great pride that I share with you: A Typical Craft Blog. To be updated biweekly over the next six weeks, as I finish up interviewing and writing. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s agreed to even more questions, and to everyone who read and encouraged me last summer! I hope you will visit, read, comment, and enjoy!

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