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Did you find me in a zine?

If you did, that is so awesome! I made tiny little zines called INSTANT GIFT FOR WRITERS and threw them in Little Free Libraries around my neighborhood. Perhaps you picked one up and found my website on the back. Welcome! It is so great to have you here!

Here are the things I do:

  • Write fiction and nonfiction. So far, I’ve mostly published nonfiction but my first novel is [bites nails] on submission.
  • Podcast about writing (I always give a quick update on my novel, which is called Finding Lucy) and how to write better (there’s always a mini lesson on all kinds of things–I did a series on how to get started writing a novel, which you can find here). You can find all episodes here and on iTunes.
  • Make random zines and put them in unsuspecting Little Free Libraries.

In non-writing land, I take care of a tiny human and live in South Seattle.

Would you like a zine?

Maybe you don’t live in the greater South Seattle area, and you would still like a zine! That’s fantastic! I’m so excited for you to get one in your little hands. Click here* and type in your email address, and I will send you a printable version. It’s one page and it’s really easy to print and fold up! In fact, you don’t even have to fold it up–but then it will look like a crazy flyer.

What you will get in INSTANT GIFT FOR WRITERS, a printable, foldable zine:

  • An instant gift for writers! I designed this zine so that you can tape it to the front of a notebook, stick in your gift-ee’s favorite pen, and tie on a bow! Shazam! Christmas! Hanukkah! Solstice! PRESENT!
  • My favorite resources for writers–a couple of book recommendations and one essay that I love (spoiler alert: it’s by Ann Patchett, about whom I cannot sing enough praises). There’s also handy websites if you’re interested in submitting your work places.
  • A cut-out anti-distraction device, which you can tape to the front of your phone, plus a clever do-not-disturb sign.
  • Plenty of my curly but legible handwriting. Old school!

Perfect for you or a pal! Print as many times as you like! Just sign up here** and I will send you one.

*And I promise this is not a bid for your email. I will put in a handy opt-in box if you want to keep getting my podcast updates and read my work, but you do not have to click it.

**Seriously! No pressure! Just get a fun zine!

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