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Crafty reading

This past weekend, I took advantage of an empty apartment to craft like crazy. Unfortunately, all these crafts are (drumroll…) WEDDING-related, so I can’t share them with you on the off-chance a bridesmaid stumbles by here.

Here are some wedding-related crafts I think are awesome but I am NOT making, found (where else?) on Pinterest:

Doily tablecloth from Martha
Doily tablecloth from Martha.


Spray painted Mason jars from the CSI project
Spray painted Mason jar centerpieces from the CSI project.
Seed bombs from MADE
Seed bombs from MADE.


I learned something about myself after twelve hours of near-continuous crafting. When I craft alone, I have the ability to consume mass quantities of television. We’re talking…too many hours for me to want to share. A lot. Many. Muchas horas.

I’m not anti-television, especially when there’s quality films like No Strings Attached playing (why is Ashton Kutcher so freaking cute?), but if I’m going to do this every weekend, and it looks like I might if I want to get all my projects done in time, the part of me that wants to be a writer and loves to read lots of books is going to feel very, very guilty.

Solution: books on tape! Andrew and I have already discovered how they can make car rides go by, and I think it’s time to get some literature by osmosis when I’m home, too. So, any suggestions for good audiobooks? Not every good book is a good book on tape. We tried Isabel Allende and there were so many names and dates and so much historical background that one of us (ahem) fell asleep. Luckily it was not the one driving.


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