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Beautiful Things

In the fall, I love making stuff. I just started knitting again and I’m going to make some Xmas presents for friends that I’m very excited about–they actually requested mittens! No one’s requested something knitted from me before.

I’m big into Pinterest. Sometimes, Andrew comes downstairs on Saturday morning and I look up, eyes glazed from staring at the computer screen, and say like a zombie, “I have to get off of Pinterest.” Last week I said this and Andrew replied, “Oh, it’s one of ‘those’ mornings, huh?” So I think I’ve done it one too many times now. I like to think of myself as a careful curator of projects that I actually make. I don’t pin willy-nilly.

Anyway, looking at beautiful things makes me feel happy, and in the fall, all the beautiful things are cozy and warm, like brown scarves, pumpkin-flavored things, and cider. It’s like cozy overload.

These are a few things that I want to make this fall.

And one inappropriately Christmas craft. It’s two days until Nov. 1, when my best friend Megan and I celebrate the first day of being allowed to listen to Christmas carols. It’s TRADITION!

Just a little peek into my non-writing, non-serious-thinking, non-ebook-making life.



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