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And also a columnist…

Heyo! Big writing happenings going on. My first post in a mini-series on Alt Magazine about things you don’t have to do is is up.

Kelly Rizzetta is in many ways a typical American twenty-something woman. She has an iPhone and a LinkedIn account. She has kept in touch with friends from each of her jobs and from college, mostly via email and the occasional online chat. She is very good at remembering birthdays. Kelly lives at home with her parents and goes into the city often to visit her sister and friends who live there. But she’s not on Facebook.

This may not seem like a big deal to you—Facebook is not the be-all, end-all social media platform it was just a few years ago. But chances are you feel pressure to participate in some social media. Maybe you are an aspiring writer, and the world is telling you to have a blog.


Shout-out to myself in the last line there. Check out the full article here and share it wherever you share things (not that you have to do that!) with #ydhtdt.

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