About Me

Hanging in my office/sewing room.

Welcome! I am so glad you found me and my site. I’m a writer, and I live in Maine with my family and a black cat named Mitzi. I earned my MFA from the University of New Hampshire in Creative Nonfiction, and my work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications (you can read almost all of them here). I’ve published two writing guides (DIY Writing Retreat and DIY Chick Lit) with KMR Publishing–you can buy them here and on Amazon. I love charts, tables, and prompts–concrete steps to take with one’s writing–and both of my guides are packed full of those.

My MFA thesis was a memoir about my year in an evangelical church. I’ve also written two novels that feature adventurous women, and I’m working on a third (small-town rom com + family drama + sewing).

About my name: I am half Cuban. America welcomed my father and his family with open arms, and I am ashamed that we do not do the same for other refugees, immigrants, and undocumented people today.

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