Scratch Paper, Episode 15: How to submit (pitch) nonfiction articles

Hello, listeners! Scratch Paper Podcast has resumed.

After a break filled with winter cheer, I’m here to continue the series I started back in Episode 12 on How to get your work published. You can find all the episodes in this series here.

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In this episode, I talk about how pitching a nonfiction article–as in a heavily researched, non-personal essay–is different from submitting a short story. For one thing, you don’t have to have finished your article to pitch it! And for another, the publication itself is really important.

I share some of my own experience pitching to The Wire in Seacoast New Hampshire (RIP), a local weekly, and to Sojourners Magazine, a national publication.

Show notes

Writing update: My agent liked my revision of Finding Lucy and is sending it out to publishers.

Reading update: I love Elinor Lipman’s The Inn at Lake Devine and My Latest Grievance. I checked out Judy Blume’s In the Unlikely Event.


What has your experience pitching nonfiction been like? What other resources do you have for fellow pitch-ers? Please click through and share in the comments!

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Episode 14: A brief pause for celebration

No lesson this week! Celebrate, everyone!


Writing update: I finished my revision of FINDING LUCY!

Shout out to SPL, whose seventh floor will always have a special place in my heart.

Reading update: I love SPL’s ebooks available now page. It is a magical, fun page. For example, when I went to that page to get the link for these very notes, I downloaded Me before You by JoJo Moyes!

And spoiler alert: my agent did not hate my revision, and it is on submission now! Hey-o!

Next week: how to pitch research-y essays. Please come back; do not judge me by this exuberant two-minute podcast about how much I love downloading high-demand ebooks.

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Episode 13: How to submit short stories

Welcome to Part 2 in a series on How to get your work published! Part 1–a general overview of paths to publication–is right here. Find all the episodes in the series here.


Getting published used to seem like a weird, opaque process to me. Luckily, I had friends and teachers demystify it for me at UNH. Here is what I’ve learned from them and from my own experience.

If you are trying to get your first novel or short story published, this episode is for you. I share some resources for finding literary magazines to send your work, a basic overview of how to send in your work (including what to put in your cover letter), and then give you a rundown of the publications I’ve submitted to.

**This is also relevant if you are a writer of lyric or personal essays–the same rules apply! A lot of these journals accept fiction and nonfiction, and some are even nonfiction only.


Numerous publications:

What publications have you submitted to? What questions do you have about sending out short stories and/or personal/lyric essays? Please share in the comments!

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Episode 12: Paths to getting published — Part 1


In this episode, I kick off another series: How to Get Published.

You might like this episode if:

  • You have written something–a novel, a short story, an essay–but you don’t know what to do next.
  • You would like to embark on a big, research-y project that would turn into a book, but you don’t know what to do next.
  • You have always wanted to be a published writer, but you don’t know how to get your work published.
  • You have questions like “Where do agents come from?”


Listen in here for a general overview of how fiction and nonfiction writers “typically” get published–based on my experience, that of my friends, and my observations of bloggers and the like online.

This episode is a map that you can look at and figure out what track you are on, or which track you might want to get on. In the next episodes, I’ll dive into specifics like writing query letters, pitching nonfiction, and submitting short stories.


Please post questions in the comments!! As I say in the episode, I feel like it is a mystery how to get published and I would like it to not be.

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