Hi again, folks.

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on, and let you know what’s going to happen here with the Craft Book Project.

Last semester, I was editor of Barnstorm (go lit journals, go), taught a class of English Comp, and took two awesome courses in nonfiction writing. I loved my classes last semester and I learned a lot about narrative writing and research. I also took an unexpected break from CBP.

Now, I’d like to move it forward. I’m going to be updating once a week, sharing interesting craft-related posts and things that I’m working on, because you know, I like to make stuff, too! And I’m also working on a final product for all this crafty research I’ve done.

The final project, though I’m still a bit fuzzy on the details, is going to be a short book/long magazine about crafty folks. I’ve contacted a couple of you for interviews, and I’ll be putting together articles/chapters over the next few months. And since this is DIY research, I’ll be taking the DIY publishing route in some form…

Thanks for all your help, crafty people!

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Winter’s here

It really really is. View from my bedroom window:


Snow-covered roof and church behind a parking lot

Pretty chilly here today, too. And rainy. Perfect for spending time following up on the survey!

I’ve got a few plans up my sleeve for the final Craft Book product here. What, you thought that was it? Stay tuned!

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Crafty update

I’ve been winding down research and gearing up for classes to begin. I’m a teaching assistant at UNH, but writing TA’s here teach classes, so I’ve been getting together my syllabus and lesson plans. Even when you’ve done it before, it feels like your head is going to explode as you schedule X number of readings and Y papers and Z homework assignments.

Hurricane Irene didn’t hit NH too hard, though it ¬†inflicted mucho damage in Vermont, including knocking out 4-6 covered bridges. If anyone knows of any crafty charity things going on for VT, please comment! I spent the day sewing and knitting, playing Cranium, and watching Cheers.

Flowered rectangular book bag with one strap and outside pockets


I finished this book bag (with fabric from Simple Savvy, thank you!), and started on a new pair of slippers from The Knitting Man(ual) by Kristin Spurkland,¬†which is a totally awesome knitting book for men and women. She explains things in a way I understand, and the projects are actually things I could conceive of making for a man. I’ve also finally found a book at the right level: not too hard. In other words, there aren’t too many sweaters. But the projects are interesting; the slippers I’m making are straightforward but use a new stitch, and I’ll have to pay attention for the next few steps.

What are your back to school crafts? I’ve been watching lots of apple-themed tutorials pop up. I prefer leaves, but to each her own.

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