DIY Writing Retreat

DIY Writing Retreat: A guide to getting awayDIY Writing Retreat is a guide to making time and space for you to do exactly one thing: write. With step-by-step instructions to planning and running your own escape, DIY Writing Retreat will show you how to schedule time for your retreat, find a cabin or cabin-equivalent to stay in, and separate yourself from the rest of the world. Then, it will guide you through the entire retreat, from writing prompts to relaxing activities.

Time to write alternates with fun activities that will energize you and keep you going. A worksheet guides you to reflect on your writing process and set goals for when you return home. There are even (super easy) recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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I love your friendly, casual writing style…you were a cheerleader and a guide” –Aubrey McClintock, A Daily Obsession

You don’t need a cabin in the woods and a week off to get away—you just need a few hours and this guide.

“I LOVE THIS.” –Tara Swiger,

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