A photo of me in the Smith Tower, wearing a blue scarf.I’m a writer based in Seattle, where I live with my little family. I like to write fiction and nonfiction, especially fun writing guides. I am currently working on a novel about a missing woman. You can read some things I’ve written here and see my teaching portfolio here. I have my MFA from the University of New Hampshire.

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  1. Hi Alicia, I’m currently studying – and loving – your DIY Guide to Chick Lit on my kindle but want to have it in print. I notice it is only available digitally, but is it possible to buy it as a PDF so I can print it out? Many thanks for any help.

  2. Hi, my wife and I own 3 vacation apartments in Tisno, Croatia. Our business name is Lilly’s cozy cove. I am creating a DIY writers retreat package during our off season which is but not limited to January, February and March. This could even extend in the the months of October, November and December. We will offer very reasonable rates, privacy, activities like hikes or nature park excursions and can include meals as I was a chef for over 3 decades back in the US. My wife speaks fluent Croatian and English and I speak English of course. I know you are very busy but if you have any suggestions on what to incorporate(I am purchasing your book on kindle…downloading now) or organizations to contact we would be most grateful. Sincerely,
    Joe Lilly

    1. Hi Joe,
      What a great idea! I’m sure your guests will love to go on a writing retreat in Tisno–it sounds lovely. I will send you an email with ways I might be able to help. Thanks for buying my book!
      All best,

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