A photo of me in the Smith Tower, wearing a blue scarf.

I’m a writer and copywriter, and I live in Seattle with my family and a black cat named Mitzi. I earned my MFA from the University of New Hampshire in Creative Nonfiction, and my work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications (you can read almost all of them here). I’ve published two writing guides (DIY Writing Retreat and DIY Chick Lit) with KMR Publishing (you can buy them here and on Amazon). I love charts, tables, and prompts–concrete steps to take with one’s writing–and both are packed full of those.

I am represented by Sharon Pelletier of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. My MFA thesis was a memoir about my year in an evangelical church. I’ve also written two novels that feature adventurous women. One is currently on submission; WAIT deals with a psychic named Lia who becomes involved with an evangelical family whose foster daughter has stopped talking. I love thinking about and seeing how American evangelicalism interacts with mainstream culture and finding ways to share the eye-opening experiences I had in my year in Restoration Church (such as speaking in tongues and getting prayed over).

About my name: my father’s family is from Cuba. America welcomed him and his family with open arms, and I am ashamed that we do not do the same for other refugees, immigrants, and undocumented people today.

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  1. Hi Alicia, I’m currently studying – and loving – your DIY Guide to Chick Lit on my kindle but want to have it in print. I notice it is only available digitally, but is it possible to buy it as a PDF so I can print it out? Many thanks for any help.

  2. Hi, my wife and I own 3 vacation apartments in Tisno, Croatia. Our business name is Lilly’s cozy cove. I am creating a DIY writers retreat package during our off season which is but not limited to January, February and March. This could even extend in the the months of October, November and December. We will offer very reasonable rates, privacy, activities like hikes or nature park excursions and can include meals as I was a chef for over 3 decades back in the US. My wife speaks fluent Croatian and English and I speak English of course. I know you are very busy but if you have any suggestions on what to incorporate(I am purchasing your book on kindle…downloading now) or organizations to contact we would be most grateful. Sincerely,
    Joe Lilly

    1. Hi Joe,
      What a great idea! I’m sure your guests will love to go on a writing retreat in Tisno–it sounds lovely. I will send you an email with ways I might be able to help. Thanks for buying my book!
      All best,

  3. Hey Alicia,

    I don’t know if you remember off the top of your head, but you reviewed my book ‘It’s Witchcraft’ a few years ago and I truly appreciated the honest review that you gave it. Your honest review of ‘It’s Witchcraft’ helped me get my name out there a bit more in the witchcraft community and now I’m looking for a good book reviewer to write an honest review about my most recent fiction novel ‘Anything’. I’m working very hard to get my name out there as and indie author and I was hoping that you would be interested in doing a review of my novel ‘Anything’ or that you could point me in the direction of a reliable book review blog. If you’re interested, I’ll put a link at the end of this comment to the synopsis of ‘Anything’ on my writing blog and you can check that out. The entire novel is on my writing blog for free so it wouldn’t cost you or other readers anything. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you again for your previous work.

    Jamie Weaver

    Synopsis link: https://jweaverwrites.tumblr.com/post/169931187724/synopsis-of-my-novel-anything

    1. Hi Jamie! Just emailed you–thanks for reaching out. Happy to read your book, as I said, and working on a post about good book bloggers for indie authors. I’d love to hear of any you come across. Thanks! –Alicia

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